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NCWorks offers a wealth of tools to help your company train and hire talent to take your business to the next level.

Recruitment Services


Candidate Search

Find resumes of candidates with the skills and qualifications you’re looking for, or search for specific resumes you’ve seen on and want to revisit by using a search number function.

Manage Job Postings

Add new job postings, or edit existing ones, through our Job Order System. You can also view potential candidates that are interested in a specific job and ask them to apply.

Manage Applicants

View resumes of candidates that have applied for your job(s) and update their status regarding the position.

Job Market Trends

Gain valuable insights and keep up with trends within the job market in your area.

Candidate Market Trends

Gather information and view trends by tapping into data about applicants and resumes in the NCWorks system.

Access Untapped Talent Pools

Connect with qualified talent you might have overlooked – including youth, veterans, people with disabilities, older workers and jobseekers with criminal records.

Job Fair and Interview Assistance

Get help organizing a job fair and reserving space to conduct interviews with candidates at one of our locations.



Training & Education Services


Providers and Schools

Search for information about various training providers and schools as well as the programs they offer.


View a list of training programs in your area or search for specific ones using your own criteria.

Program Completers

Find and review potential candidates who have finished or graduated from training and education programs for an occupation.

Online Learning Resources

Discover a variety of online educational opportunities your business could require or recommend for potential or existing employees.

Labor Market Data by Program

Look into specific educational programs to pull associated labor market data and create customized reports.

Scholarship Search

Explore scholarships that sponsor students with the skills and qualities your company needs.

Workforce Grants

Access potential funding from the state to create or bolster educational programming for existing and future employees, such as customized training, on-the-job training or incumbent worker training programs.

Apprentice Programs

Get help setting up and running a registered apprenticeship program to develop the skilled talent your business needs.

Success Story

Our business has grown almost 8 percent in the past year, and we managed to keep our expenses low, partly because of opportunities we received through NCWorks to keep advancing as a company.

Locate Your Career Center

Click on your area of the map to find an NCWorks Career Center near you.

EDPNC Small Business Advisors

Get information and resources for your business that go beyond talent. EDPNC Small Business Advisors (formerly known as BLNC) can help companies of any size with such activities as:

  • Registering a business with the state
  • Tax information and requirements
  • Business plans
  • Government contracting
  • Business and occupational licenses
  • Marketing
  • Accessing capital